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Web Resource Person Quarterly Report

October 7, 2007

Website Activity For Period August-September

Hits             13,637
Visitors          2,514
    Meeting lists:
        Lake Agassiz Area     241
        Lewis and Clark Area  122
        Manitoba Area         245
Updates          12

The Website RP (Resource Person) budget is [prepared|circulated|?]

Last RSC there was some question about the Website Guidelines;
when they were approved? where was current copy? They were
approved at the July 16, 2006 RSC. 

There was a problem with the approved copy handed out: although
the word "draft" was removed from the cover page, it wasn't
removed from the heading on each subsequent page. That has been
rectified as a minor revision. Because the heading changed on each
page, each page shows a new date at the bottom but nothing else
was changed. So a revision section was added just before reference
list at the end. Although this doesn't make much sense right now
it will as the document evolves in the future.

A new business item will ask that this copy be accepted without
going through the approval cycle. If the motion fails, please
mark all copies of this revision as "draft" and a motion to
approve will come up at the next RSC meeting.

Yours in service,

Daryl F.