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If you need to speak to an addict now, please call 877-234-9330 option 1.

Due to the current pandemic, many meetings in our region are using Zoom for online meetings.
Please refer to this page in regards to meeting cancellations and Zoom info.

Zoom Online Meeting Info




Online Meeting Link(All other meetings)

Online Meeting Link(Only Friday at 8pm)
Online Meeting Link
Online Meeting Link
Meeting ID: 230 938 119(All other meetings)

        304 230 3107(Only Friday at 7:30pm)
Meeting ID: 637 325 1544
Password: 754789
Meeting ID: 874 752 4786
Password: 123456789
Call in #: 1(346)248-7799
You will be prompted to enter the meeting ID.
Call in #: 1(312)626-6799
You will be prompted to enter the meeting ID
and password.
Sunday - 3pm(Women's)
Monday - 12pm and 6:30pm(Men's)
Tuesday - 12pm
Wednesday - 12pm and 8pm
Thursday - 12pm
Friday - 12pm, 8pm, and 9pm
Saturday - 9am and 10pm
Sunday - 3:30pm and 7pm
Monday - 12pm and 8pm
Tuesday - 5:45pm and 7pm
Wednesday - 12pm and 8pm
Thursday - 8pm
Friday - 12pm and 8pm
Saturday - 1pm and 8pm
Sunday - 7pm
Monday - 8pm
Tuesday - 8pm
Wednesday - 7pm
Thursday - 8pm
Friday - 8pm
Saturday - 8pm

Jamestown | ID: 880 433 869 | Tuesday and Friday at 7:30pm
Mandaree | ID: 584 227 860 | Monday and Wednesday at 8:00pm
Washburn | ID: 872 647 3505 | Password: 073048 | Friday at 7pm

Temporarily Cancelled In-Person Meetings in UMRNA

Day Name Location
Recovery in Motion 6:30pm LAA/Fargo
Just For Today 8:00pm LAA/Breckinridge
Poop in the Group 6:30pm LAA/Fargo
Men's Meeting 6:00pm LAA/Fergus Falls
Just for Today 7:30pm LAA/Moorhead
It's a Good Thing 8:00pm LAA/Fargo
Rainbow Way Meeting 7:30pm LAA/Fargo
Friday Night Speaker Meeting 9:00pm LAA/Moorhead
One Page at a Time 12:00pm LAA/Fargo
Women's Meeting 4:30pm LAA/Grand Forks
Sat. Addict's Meeting 7:30pm LAA/Fargo

Other Meeting/Event Changes in UMRNA

Statement from Lewis and Clark Area regarding their meetings click here.

In Fargo: She Do Recover(Womens Monday meeting) is temporarily meeting at the main shelter in Oak Grove Park on 170 Maple St N in Fargo. Also on Zoom. 3pm for both.

In Fargo: Saturday morning Living Clean is now meeting at the Lighthouse Church, 21 9th St S in Fargo and also on Zoom. 9am for both.

In Fergus Falls: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday have moved their meeting locations to 215 E Junius Avenue in Fergus Falls.

Never Alone, Never Again